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About Us

  • Welcome to Black Swan Brewing Company, where passion meets craft in the heart of Stratford, Ontario. Founded in 2014 by teachers turned brewers, Bruce Pepper and Ryan Stokes, our brewery is a testament to years of home brewing expertise and a commitment to delivering exceptional beer.
  • At Black Swan, we believe in the art of drinking better, not more. Our iconic taproom, nestled in the heart of Stratford, invites you to experience the culmination of our love for the city and our dedication to brewing.
  • Craftsmanship

    With an extensive culinary background brewer Phil Phillips has a talent to bring unique flavours together. On occasion you may find him foraging local ingredients to add something special to our Playground Series beers.

  • Flavour Forward

    From our staple styles - English Pale Ale, Porter, & India Pale Ale - to experimental brews, we push the boundaries of flavor, aroma, and brewing excellence.

  • Local Love

    Proudly brewed in the heart of Stratford, we're deeply connected to our community. Our beers have quickly become favorites among locals and visitors alike.